The Journey

Welcome to my blog!  I know…you’re wondering about the name…My Life Part II.  What does that mean?  Why is there a part II?  Well, sometimes, as we are growing and learning, we kind of “go with the flow”.  We may have goals we’d like to achieve, but not know how.  We may have people we’d like to either embrace or release, yet we cannot find a way.  We may have inspirations and thoughts that are positive and powerful and calling for us to follow them and we don’t.  This blog shows that journey and how even though you may be older (or maybe not), there is never a time in your life that is a bad time for a new journey.  Have your new journey begin now, as you read about mine.  You may have a part II, III, IV or V and that’s ok.  Keep going, keep striving, keep believing.  You’ll surprise yourself at what you can do!  Welcome to my journey!