Veganism: Are people soul searching or is it a trend?

Did you do some soul searching since we last met?  I hope so!  Exciting news!  My website is complete!  Check it out!  The production of the website gave me the opportunity to think back to the beginning of my vegan journey.  It’s so interesting to look back.  I’m sure if you are a vegan, you can pinpoint the exact moment  you decided to become vegan and, if  you are not, your moment is coming!  Are you in need of a health reboot?  Do you worry about the environment that your Grandchildren will have to live in?  Are you an animal lover and cannot stand-by and watch them suffer?  Regardless of why, you will soon understand that all three reasons are important.

The vegan movement is booming!  Some people are saying it is a trend…I disagree!  I have to believe that our world is becoming more compassionate!  I want to believe that for whatever reason, people are looking outside of their own egos and trying to better the world we all live in.  Compassion, caring, and the realization that all life is valuable cannot possibly be a trend!

Veganism may seem to be a lot about food (and, don’t get me wrong, it is!), clothing and beauty products, but it’s so much more about changing the world we live in, about showing people that every sentient being deserves to live happily and that we are not in control of other lives.

Take a look at the boom in meditation and yoga, as well!  The explosion in wanting to learn about the mind-body connection is wonderful!  We all want to know how our body effects our mind and our mind effects our body.  When we meditate, we are relaxing our mind and body.  The deep relaxation that comes with meditation makes you feel like you’ve really taken care of yourself.  For anyone who has meditated, you know that, in the end, the peacefulness that comes over you is breathtaking.  How can you be in such a state of peace and calm and then eat the furry friends we love so much?

Note how your body feels when you eat meat vs. when you don’t.  The fogginess of your mind, the tummy troubles, the dry or broken-out skin are all signs that something you are putting into your body is not meant to be there.  Animal products do not allow our bodies to function to their fullest capabilities.

The deep connection we feel from our mind, body to the outside world we live in cannot be a trend.  You cannot turn back on the feeling of peace and vitality you will feel when you are compassionate enough to allow your furry friends to live happy lives.



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