The One Plan–Week One

Good Morning, Everyone!  Since I’ve been bringing you along on my Vegan journey and my path towards a new awakening and lifestyle, I thought I’d invite you along on my other journey.  

Interspersed amongst my blog posts, you are going to begin finding weekly updates from The One Plan.  What is The One Plan, you ask?  Well, it’s an amazing book that helps the reader, over the course of a year, align their body, mind and soul and seeing as this page is designed for mind, body awareness, I thought it would be great to share my experience in working with The One Plan with you.  

In this book, Yogi Cameron Alborzian takes us on a week-by-week journey towards a lifestyle we should all be leading.  He guides us with questions, tip and reminders for our daily living and gives us the space over seven days to become accustomed to one ideal before bringing us into another.  I have decided to embark on this spiritual journey for my mind, body and soul while leaving an impact on the world.  Join me for weekly updates and to see how I’m doing! 🙂  If you are following the plan, as well, leave a comment!  We can do this together!  We can, also, make a group of it.  Check the book out at your local library and let’s begin this part of our journey together–one week at a time!

Let’s begin…

Week One…Non-Violence

I will be focusing on non-violence to my body by eating local foods with high nutritional values (bye, bye Oreos!) at times of the day appropriate for eating.  Non-violence to my mind…don’t criticize myself for faults, be open and free to communicate.  Non-violence to my spirit…release wrongdoers from my past.  Wow!  That’s a good one!

Off we go!






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