The Holidays

So…How’d it go??? Was this your first Thanksgiving living a vegan lifestyle or maybe you are continuing to fight the age old battle of gathering around food for the holidays being vegan…

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Beloved Books

Vegan Holiday Cooking from Candle Cafe, by Joy Pierson, Angel Ramos and Jorge Pineda Never been to the Candle Cafe in NYC?  RUN THERE!!!  Just kidding!  If you have a chance, though, I highly recom…

Source: Beloved Books

One Plan–The Next Week

Hi!!!  I think I took way longer with weeks one and two than I should have (sorry, Yogi Cameron).  Anyhow, here’s the update. Watch yourself to make sure you are not using the statement “I can’t”.  With all going on in the world, I think many of us have been inspired to be the best “us” possible.  Take that to the next level.  YOU CAN!  Being a vegan in a society where a very small percentage of people are vegan or even understand veganism, it’s easy to fall into “I can’t”, don’t do it!  You will feel empowered by the “I can” version of you!

Watch you intake of coffee, alcohol and bad for you “processed foods”.  Don’t just give up these things if that is too difficult for you…you can taper them or switch them out for something better.  Love coffee (hey, you know that’s me!)?  Try tea instead.  Love processed boxed tamales?  Make your own.  Recruit some help in the kitchen.  Whether it’s family or friends, working in the kitchen together is really a good time!  Once my hubby and I decided to make tamales and we ended up making about 60 because we had the music on, brewed tea and kept working.  It definitely was a Sunday funday event!

Whatever swaps you are making, make sure they are things you can stick to.  I mean this in your life, as well as, in your food.  If you are adjusting your morning routine…don’t make it complicated, if you are adjusting your eating…eat what you love!  It’ll all fall into place!  On to the next week…..

Our World

Our world is ever-changing.  We live in a world where we just had the first black President.  We live in a world where same-sex marriage is legal.  We live in a world where only 1% of us are vegan?  What?  Wait a minute…back it up!   1%?  What are we waiting for people?  Our nation is full of firsts…first man on the moon….we CAN become the first Vegan Nation!  When we think of the kind of day we want to have, what is most important?  Being with family and friends, showing compassion and being shown compassion, living a healthy lifestyle, being cruelty-free, keeping the planet safe for our grandchildren?  ABSOLUTELY!  We want all of these things and because of that, living a vegan lifestyle is the only answer!

Animals want many of these same things.  They want to be near friends and family.  (Ever hear a cow cry as it’s baby is taken away or see a dog reunite with its human friend?)  Animals want to be free to roam.  If you don’t agree, watch a video on a rescued animals first run in the grass or swim in water!  Animals want healthy food and a good, clean environment to live in.  They do not want to be caged and lose their freedom.

You see…we are very much alike.

We feed our children, spouses, family and friends, delicious, healthy food.  We read the labels on dog and cat foods to make sure they are healthy.  Heck, there are even television commercials showing us which pet foods are better for our furry friends.  Yet, we eat and cause extreme suffering to cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks, etc.  Why?  They feel.  They love. If you beg to differ, take a visit to an animal sanctuary and watch the pig roll over happily as you rub his/her belly.  Watch the goat almost smile with glee while you scratch his/her ear.  Observe how closely a Mama Duck watches over her babies.  Now tell me we aren’t alike.  Tell me we don’t all feel, love and want the simple pleasures in life.  On your trip to the sanctuary, record your interactions with these amazing animals.  I say this because the feeling you will feel while playing with them is so incredible and will touch your heart in so many ways that you’ll want to feel it over and over again….AND….you’ll want to share it!

Take a moment (or many moments) during this month of Thanksgiving, this month of Veganism, this month of change and think about all the good you will do by simply living a vegan lifestyle.  It’s not hard, in fact, it’s easy, healthy, inexpensive and cruelty-free.  It’s going to be one of the best choices you’ve ever made!




Social Eating: How to be a Vegan at a Non-Vegan Event

It’s no surprise….the holidays are upon us.  With the cheer, joy and laughter, inevitably comes food.  Whether you are at a restaurant or visiting friends/family, you may end up being the only vegan in the group.  My first piece of advice is..embrace your veganism!  You are to be celebrated, not embarrassed or ridiculed.  We all know people who like to joke about our lifestyle and we may be ok with it, however, remember…at the end of the day, you are on a compassionate mission to change the world!  Let your voice be heard! that you’re pumped up :), when you are the only vegan, there are a few tips/things you can do to make things go smoothly.  

  1. Check the menu ahead of time.  Restaurants usually have their menus online.  Do some research and see what you will eat and what you can put together for yourself.  Remember, it’s not that you “CAN’T” eat some things on the menu, it’s that you “choose not to”.  
  2. Bring a dish.  If you are going to a family/friends home, call ahead and ask what you can bring.  By bringing a dish, you are not only helping the hostess, but you are ensuring  you will have something you know will be vegan.
  3. Veganize the menu.  There will usually be something you can veganize for yourself.  If the menu contains beans, quinoa, salad, salsa, roasted veggies, etc., there’s something for you to build on.  A go to for me at a restaurant that doesn’t have very many vegan offerings is a wrap with veggies.  I usually ask the waiter to make me a wrap with whatever veggies they have that are not cooked in butter.  I’ve had some amazing wraps.  (Watch the wrap–some may have non-vegan ingredients.)  Breakfast is especially hard at a restaurant.  I’ve asked for simple rye toast with a side of guacamole and tea.  Delicious!  Be creative!
  4. Eat beforehand.  This is not ideal, since the holidays are very social times that include lots of food.  I like to show people that living a vegan lifestyle is something that doesn’t require a lot of work or leave me out of daily activities, ie parties.  However, sometimes, we end up somewhere that doesn’t have ANY vegan options.  If we know this ahead of time and we cannot bring something of our own, eating beforehand, ordering a tea and enjoying the company we are with is OK.  
  5. Host the party.  By having the party or gathering at your home, you ensure that the food will be vegan and you can show your friends how diverse and yummy vegan food is.  One tip when doing this, label your get together as vegan when writing the invites.  For example, Our Vegan Thanksgiving.  I once had a holiday party at which I hoped to show my friends how lovely vegan food can be and a well-meaning friend walked into my vegan house with a tray of meat.  Avoid this by letting everyone know up front that you will be handling the food.  If they’d like to bring something, have them bring drinks, music or, as I like to say, bring yourself and a smile.
  6. Embrace your lifestyle.  Hold your head high and enjoy the time with your friends/family.  You will be amazed at how many people will be drawn to your lifestyle.  Be prepared to answer questions honestly and informatively.  You never know, the next time, the entire dinner party may be vegan.  How nice that would be!


The One Plan

Ok, ok…I admit it; some parts of this are harder than I thought they would be.  For example, when your schedule is so busy, making sure you stop eating two hours before bed is HARD!  Solution?  Go to bed later?  NO!  I’ll keep working on this one.  The toxic foods section, though, I think I’m kinda good at.  I do not own a microwave.  I do not eat meat (or dairy or eggs or honey).  I rarely eat processed meals, nor do I really buy anything frozen besides fruit for smoothies.  I make my own juice.  Not bad.  

I will say, the frugal part of me has a hard time with the no leftover rule.  I get that the nutritional component of our foods is really non-existent after the heating and cooling and reheating, but how can I waste this food when people are starving?  I am trying to teach myself to make the perfect portion sizes for our family.  I, also, have a hard time with the caffeine.  I’m trying here.  Hey, I didn’t say “I can’t”, which is a no-no.  

The One Plan isn’t only about eating, though.  It’s about physically, spiritually and emotionally being your best self.  No “I can’t” statement.  No degrading TV shows or movies (this is difficult these days, right?).  Try turning to the shows we used to love.  ZLiving, if you get this channel, has great shows!  Super Soul Sunday on the OWN channel is another great one to uplift your spirit!  

The One Plan road is going to be a journey for sure!  Let’s get on to the next section!  Positive thoughts my way, please!  🙂