The One Plan

Ok, ok…I admit it; some parts of this are harder than I thought they would be.  For example, when your schedule is so busy, making sure you stop eating two hours before bed is HARD!  Solution?  Go to bed later?  NO!  I’ll keep working on this one.  The toxic foods section, though, I think I’m kinda good at.  I do not own a microwave.  I do not eat meat (or dairy or eggs or honey).  I rarely eat processed meals, nor do I really buy anything frozen besides fruit for smoothies.  I make my own juice.  Not bad.  

I will say, the frugal part of me has a hard time with the no leftover rule.  I get that the nutritional component of our foods is really non-existent after the heating and cooling and reheating, but how can I waste this food when people are starving?  I am trying to teach myself to make the perfect portion sizes for our family.  I, also, have a hard time with the caffeine.  I’m trying here.  Hey, I didn’t say “I can’t”, which is a no-no.  

The One Plan isn’t only about eating, though.  It’s about physically, spiritually and emotionally being your best self.  No “I can’t” statement.  No degrading TV shows or movies (this is difficult these days, right?).  Try turning to the shows we used to love.  ZLiving, if you get this channel, has great shows!  Super Soul Sunday on the OWN channel is another great one to uplift your spirit!  

The One Plan road is going to be a journey for sure!  Let’s get on to the next section!  Positive thoughts my way, please!  🙂



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