Our World

Our world is ever-changing.  We live in a world where we just had the first black President.  We live in a world where same-sex marriage is legal.  We live in a world where only 1% of us are vegan?  What?  Wait a minute…back it up!   1%?  What are we waiting for people?  Our nation is full of firsts…first man on the moon….we CAN become the first Vegan Nation!  When we think of the kind of day we want to have, what is most important?  Being with family and friends, showing compassion and being shown compassion, living a healthy lifestyle, being cruelty-free, keeping the planet safe for our grandchildren?  ABSOLUTELY!  We want all of these things and because of that, living a vegan lifestyle is the only answer!

Animals want many of these same things.  They want to be near friends and family.  (Ever hear a cow cry as it’s baby is taken away or see a dog reunite with its human friend?)  Animals want to be free to roam.  If you don’t agree, watch a video on a rescued animals first run in the grass or swim in water!  Animals want healthy food and a good, clean environment to live in.  They do not want to be caged and lose their freedom.

You see…we are very much alike.

We feed our children, spouses, family and friends, delicious, healthy food.  We read the labels on dog and cat foods to make sure they are healthy.  Heck, there are even television commercials showing us which pet foods are better for our furry friends.  Yet, we eat and cause extreme suffering to cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks, etc.  Why?  They feel.  They love. If you beg to differ, take a visit to an animal sanctuary and watch the pig roll over happily as you rub his/her belly.  Watch the goat almost smile with glee while you scratch his/her ear.  Observe how closely a Mama Duck watches over her babies.  Now tell me we aren’t alike.  Tell me we don’t all feel, love and want the simple pleasures in life.  On your trip to the sanctuary, record your interactions with these amazing animals.  I say this because the feeling you will feel while playing with them is so incredible and will touch your heart in so many ways that you’ll want to feel it over and over again….AND….you’ll want to share it!

Take a moment (or many moments) during this month of Thanksgiving, this month of Veganism, this month of change and think about all the good you will do by simply living a vegan lifestyle.  It’s not hard, in fact, it’s easy, healthy, inexpensive and cruelty-free.  It’s going to be one of the best choices you’ve ever made!





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