One Plan–The Next Week

Hi!!!  I think I took way longer with weeks one and two than I should have (sorry, Yogi Cameron).  Anyhow, here’s the update. Watch yourself to make sure you are not using the statement “I can’t”.  With all going on in the world, I think many of us have been inspired to be the best “us” possible.  Take that to the next level.  YOU CAN!  Being a vegan in a society where a very small percentage of people are vegan or even understand veganism, it’s easy to fall into “I can’t”, don’t do it!  You will feel empowered by the “I can” version of you!

Watch you intake of coffee, alcohol and bad for you “processed foods”.  Don’t just give up these things if that is too difficult for you…you can taper them or switch them out for something better.  Love coffee (hey, you know that’s me!)?  Try tea instead.  Love processed boxed tamales?  Make your own.  Recruit some help in the kitchen.  Whether it’s family or friends, working in the kitchen together is really a good time!  Once my hubby and I decided to make tamales and we ended up making about 60 because we had the music on, brewed tea and kept working.  It definitely was a Sunday funday event!

Whatever swaps you are making, make sure they are things you can stick to.  I mean this in your life, as well as, in your food.  If you are adjusting your morning routine…don’t make it complicated, if you are adjusting your eating…eat what you love!  It’ll all fall into place!  On to the next week…..


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