The Search for the Best Meatball

So, if you’re a foodie, like me, you have that one food that you can’t find made just quite right. Well, I know this happens to others because it happened to my hubby. During his omnivore days, he would over and over again order spaghetti and meatballs in the search for the best meatball. Repeatedly, he was disappointed. Fast forward to my hubby’s post-omnivore days and his search continues. Recipe after recipe, vegan restaurant after vegan restaurant, he searched.

“Why meatballs?” one might ask. Who knows! We all have that one food. For me it’s a vegan reuban sandwich…never done quite right and the search continues. For him, however, as a once omnivore, you would’ve thought (or an omnivore would’ve thought) that he would’ve found his perfect meatball back in those days, right? WRONG!

One cold, snowy winter night in NYC, we stumbled into Candle Cafe West for a quick bite to eat. Candle Cafe West holds a spot near and dear to my heart, as that is where the Main Street Vegan Academy held it’s graduation lunch, but I digress. Since it is a special place, I often think of the amazing and rich foods they create. They are beautiful and delicious. There’s risotto and portobello steaks, etc. etc. Imagine my surprise when he orders, spaghetti and wheatballs.

OK, OK…I should back up. There’s nothing wrong with spaghetti and meatballs (vegan), but as a kid, this was the cheap, fast dinner. So…when I go out, I want something I cannot make at home (or won’t make because it is so time consuming). I want something beautiful and delicious and unique. Not him, spaghetti and wheatballs it is! I thought he was nuts! The journey continues! This search for the perfect “meatball” is never going to end! Order something decadent, I want to yell! But, I don’t!

Our meals come and our plates are gorgeous! He tastes it and is blown away! You know I’ve got to try it now! WHOA! The search has ended! This dish is decadent, rich, delicious and NOT your ordinary cheap, fast spaghetti and “meatball” dinner! It’s truly amazing! We are both left speechless!

As we clean our plates, the search for the perfect “meatball” has ended! Who would’ve known it would’ve taken so many years and a switch to a vegan diet to find it! Vegan Wheatballs…you rock!


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