Compassion in Today’s World: It’s All About Perspective

We all know how the world is changing around us.  New government, new policies, people liking and disliking.  Take a moment, though, to stop…..think about what you like and what you don’t like about our “new U.S.”  There may be a lot you like….fantastic!!!!  There may be some things you severly dislike.  What you do about it is all about perspective.

I’m not here to add politics to your fun of perusing blogs and reading for pleasure.  I’m here to shake you up a bit, to say, “Hey, if you don’t like it….what are you going to do about it?” I once came across a coach who was teaching a child to bowl.  While chatting with him, he said to me, “I can’t start this child in the game, the child isn’t good enough”.  I looked at him and said, “I understand, but you are the child’s coach, what are you doing to help the child?”  He looked at me shocked and confused and honestly (which I give him credit for) said “Nothing”.   He understood the child was not the best bowler and he was the adult guiding the team, teaching the players, yet he admitted to not helping this child.  Coaching, you see, in this situation, was all about perspective.  He thought he was coaching because he was choosing who was fit to start and fill and end, yet, he wasn’t teaching, he wasn’t helping, he wasn’t, in fact, coaching.

Look around the world today.  So many of us are posting things we like and dislike on social media.  Hey, that’s great, this is how we spread the word, but what are we doing about it after we press that post button?  Are we stopping to think how it effects us or are we stopping to think of how it effects our community, our state, our country, our world, as a whole.

We are part of a bigger picture.  We are part of a world in need of help.  We are part, on a smaller scale, of a community in need of help.  We may not like the reforms being it a call to action for you or are you going to sit back and complain.  It’s all about perspective.  Life, you see, throws things at us we may not expect.  You may be called so strongly to a certain cause and not understand why only to sit and reflect on it and realize you can help, perhaps, if only on a small scale.

What can we do when the government is turning things upside down (or so we think)?  We can sit back and realistically think of how we can help.  Animal lover….you can help.  Elderly neighbors who need assistance…you can help.  Someone lose a job or need childcare…you can help.   Help may only be in the form of finding a resource for someone or it may be in your taking action yourself, but what is lost by us allowing our government to divide us is a sense of community.  We are losing the compassion we should feel towards one another.

There’s a bigger picture at play here.  Are we being divided or are we being pushed to do something on a level that we wouldn’t have been moved to before?

It’s all about perspective.




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