Fat-Shaming in the Vegan World

So…..there’s a lot of talk about fat-shaming in the Vegan community recently.  I think there’s some confusion about what a Vegan Lifestyle entails.  I’d like to take a moment to think about the focus of a Vegan Lifestyle..that is..compassion.  In a compassionate world and a compassionate life, there is no room for shaming of any sort.  Vegans come in all shapes, colors, sizes, denominations, genders, and anything else I’ve missed.  Our Vegan community is one filled with people who are in it for the good of the animals.  A Vegan Lifestyle, after all, is one that does not contribute to animal suffering.  A Vegan doesn’t eat meat, dairy, eggs, honey or wear wool, leather, silk, etc.  A Vegan’s home does not have candles that contain beeswax or leather sofas.  If you’re a Vegan who loves cake, you’re still a Vegan.  If you’re a Vegan who loves veggies, you’re still a Vegan.  We need to come together instead of tearing one another down.  I came across a great post on this topic from vegan dietician, Taylor Wolfram, on the World of Vegan webpage, entitled, “Why All Vegans Should be Weight-Inclusive” and I thought I’d share it with you. 
Remember..the only way to a Vegan world is to remain UNITED!   
Here’s the link….

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