The Holidays

So…How’d it go??? Was this your first Thanksgiving living a vegan lifestyle or maybe you are continuing to fight the age old battle of gathering around food for the holidays being vegan.  In any case, I’m sure you got some good stories out of it.  Did someone offer you only salad claiming they do not know what you eat?  Did your hostess go out of her way to make sure you did have something to eat other than salad?  Did you read my Social Eating post and decide to bring your own glorious, vegan food to share and get bombarded with questions on how it tasted so delicious?????  I hope so!  If you’re new at this, Thanksgiving was your first taste at the vegan holiday life.  There are more holidays to come, so now you’ll be prepared.

All in all, we must remember that our lifestyle is one based on compassion.  We are not here to judge one another nor should our omnivore friends judge us.  We simply must choose to co-exist and agree to differ.  I know that’s rough when you are a beginning vegan.  You want to get out there, spread the word, save the planet and every sentient being around.  Sadly, we cannot do that. Vegans have a…well…a…reputation.  People think we are pushy, arrogant, holier than thou.  I’ve been told it’s because, perhaps, we are hitting a nerve with people and when people know they are doing something wrong they will blame the messenger, for sure!  We must assure our pre-vegan friends that we are not saying we are more moral or just than they are, we just choose to live out a life that is free from harm.  Ahimsa is the word we use meaning absence of violence from one’s mind, body and spirit.   By not eating or using animal products, we are freeing our bodies from the unhealthy side effects of eating meat, dairy and eggs and we are freeing our minds of the guilt from causing pain and suffering to the adorable creatures.  It is only natural when you are living a compassionate lifestyle that your spirit will feel free, as well.  Our pre-vegan friends will see that in our lives, in our works and in our bodies.  They will recognize that we are happier, freer and lighter because we are in total control of our lifestyle and we are helping animals, helping the environment and becoming healthier one day at a time.  No need to argue or rant, without saying a word, we will be promoting veganism.  Now…sit back and wait for the question to begin….